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West Dundee, Kane County

If you are a person living in West Dundee, you would know that it is a homey village with lots of available things to do and visit around town. At special times of the year, there are a lot of festivals that the residents enjoy celebrating, and you will never feel out of place in this neighborhood. With friendly neighbors, nice shops, and proper roads, locals could not ask for more.

When you are an individual with a particular interest, you can take a look and join various parties or clubs. It is almost impossible to have nothing to do in this town when there are a lot of entertainment places in the area. As a local who has not yet moved out of your comfort zone, explore the village and you will be surprised at what you have not seen yet.

West Dundee’s History and Location

If you are wondering where the name “Dundee” came from, it was suggested by the settler Alexander Gardiner as a tribute to his Scottish hometown. Gardiner has had the honor of naming the village because he won the lottery that was held to choose who would name the area back in the year 1837. When a part of the William Hill property was put into an auction, it was turned into a subdivision that was annexed into West Dundee in the year 1950s.

West Dundee is one of the lovely villages in Kane County that rests on the northwest suburbs of Illinois across the Fox River from East Dundee.

Fun Places to be

  1. Underground Retrocade

When you want to have some fun, visit the Underground Retrocade for awesome entertainment. No matter what age you are, there is something that will catch your interest, such as the different console games, arcades, and pinball machines. Take your pick among the many games available, such as the classic Mario Bros., Final Fantasy, Pac-Man, The Legend of Zelda, and many more.

  1. Cinemark SpringHill Mall

It is so nice to finally find a theater that has comfortable seats, friendly staff, nice equipment, and great food, which is what Cinemark is all about. Spend your Friday nights at this theater and you will surely enjoy yourself.

  1. Spa Bleau

Finding a great place to pamper yourself can be a challenge, but not in West Dundee where Spa Bleau operates. They have their team of aestheticians and stylists that know what they are doing and can give you their expert recommendations. Getting treatment done in this salon has always been the pleasure of many locals in the village.

  1. Woodfire Dundee

If you are looking to fill your stomach with genuinely good food, have a bite of the yummiest pizzas made from scratch in Woodfire Dundee.

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West Dundee’s Population and Demographics

According to the census gathered by the American Community Survey last 2018, Dundee has a total population of 15,836. 7,943 of those numbers are male residents while 7,893 are female, with the median age of 46 years old. In West Dundee, the 2020 census states that there are 5,428 people that are currently living in the village.


The area is mostly comprised of white-collar workers who are 83% of the population, and the remaining 17% percent are blue-collared workers. Out of the employees, 75% are working for private companies, 6% are in non-profit companies, 8% are self-employed, and 11% are government workers. This information is influenced mainly due to the fact that there are a lot of attractions, tourist spots, and stores in the area which is where many people work to earn a living.

Education and Income

As for education, 11% of the population living in Dundee has earned their Bachelor’s Degree, almost 26% reached High School education, and 24% has been to College.

The average income earned for households is around $108,000 every year which is what is mostly earned by residents over 25 years of age up to the middle of their 60s.

Marital Status and Household

There is a huge population of residents who were married that is taking up more than half of the residents, while locals who were never married are almost 33%, divorced are 10%, widowed are almost 6%, and separated are more than 1% of the total population.

There are a total of 6,474 households in Dundee with the average of 2 people in each household. Almost 68% of those are families while the remaining 32% are not related. Out of the 6, 474, only 1,624 households have children.

Transportation and Housing

Transportation is very convenient in West Dundee, which is what locals and tourists love about it. Many people can cycle or walk around to do some shopping. To go to father places, the main transportation for most people is by car, next is by railroad. The rest prefer to travel using the taxicab or bus instead.

There are 6,697 housing units in West Dundee at the time of the census, and almost 5,000 of those homes were built in the year 1989 or earlier, and more than 1000 were built between 2000 to the later years. A huge portion of the home units is owner occupied which is almost 76% of the total residential areas, while the remaining 24% are what is occupied by the renters.

West Dundee Tree Removal Service

our tree trimming service in west dundee

Is there an annoying tree in your backyard? Did you have a tree removed but the stump is still on your lawn? Dead trees can be an eyesore to your lawn and can be the cause of accidents in your neighborhood.

If you want a particular tree removed, it is extremely crucial to contact an arborist to do the work. You would not want to deal with the risk of having a beginner remove a tree that can grow back in a few years or have someone who does not know what they are doing and leave your lawn in a damaged state.

We are a team of experienced arborists who removes trees for a living.

Since the company has started back in 2010. Our team of expert arborists and workers have been providing our tree removal services in West Dunde for many years.

Get the best tree removal service in the area

When you are still on the hunt for a tree removal service, it is important to take the following factors into account.

  1. You should contact a real arborist

Arborists are also called, “Tree Doctors.” As such, we know the science of how to deal with various kinds of trees and how to properly remove them.

  1. You should ask if the company is insured

The tree removal industry can be a very dangerous process. Before you have your arborist get the job done, ask if they are insured. Our services are fully licensed and insured.

  1. You should look at the reviews

Before getting the help of your arborist, read through their site for their past clients’ feedback. You can view the honest comments of our patrons on this page.

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If you need to have a tree removed, give us a call at this number and we would be glad to assist you.