Tree Trimming and Pruning

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Tree Trimming and Pruning in Elgin

We always say that a healthy tree is a good looking tree!  The truth is that the opposite is also true, a dying tree looks sad, worn out, drained of life and is often full of bacteria, bugs and other parasites.  

We are certified arborists that are extremely experienced in the pruning and trimming of trees to put them in an environment for healthy growth. Certain seasons are more conducive for pruning than others and we’ll help you determine that.  

Take advantage of our years of experience as arborists in Chicagoland to create beautiful looking landscapes for your home or place of work.

Dead Branch Removal

Unfortunately due to mother nature, various parts of a tree can die off because of different reasons.  Many times lightning will completely rip apart a tree, high winds or tornadoes can cause large tree limbs and branches to break off or trunks to completely bend.  Ice storms can put so much weight and pressure on a large tree branch to cause it to practically snap. Whatever the reason many be, dangling tree branches need to be taken seriously.  Leaving an insecure tree branch on it’s own is dangerous and it could fall onto power lines, properties, automobiles, or even worse, people and pets.

Count on our team to act quickly and properly remove any dead tree branches and limbs that need to be removed.  We have all the necessary equipment to effectively complete the job, including bucket trucks and master tree climbers.  

Not only should you remove dead tree branches for safety reasons, but hanging tree limbs are also a great breeding ground for other insects and bacteria to make their home.  When this happens, it is much easier for it to spread within the tree ultimately making the entire tree completely susceptible to bacterial and fungal growth. Treatment for the entire tree will end up being much more than had you just removed the tree limb when you first noticed the issue.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Pruning fruit trees is a skill that is acquired over years of experience, this is true because fruit trees aren’t the same as a shade tree, they need constant attention and pruning to improve fruit production and quality.  Our skilled team of arborists understand that properly pruning a fruit tree increases sunlight penetration and increases air movement throughout the tree. Not only that, but you’re able to slightly manipulate and develop the tree to withstand a stronger crop load.  

When pruning a fruit tree, here is what we’ll look to do:

Our first task is always to look at the tree for any visible signs of death or disease, it’s important to remove these limbs or they can spread disease to other trees in the same area.  For example, fire blight on apples and pears can form cankers which quickly promote the growth of other bacteria in the spring. This bacteria is difficult to control and can easily spread to other trees.  In addition, it can spread other harmful insects and bugs which can also spread bacterial growth.

We’ll then look to remove any branches that are growing directly over other important branches or even growing inwards towards the trunk of the tree.  These branches will lead to shading problems and the fruit will begin rubbing up against each other causing blemishes. The stronger the blemish, the easier the entry point for bugs, insects and diseases to form.  

Pruning is a relatively simple process, but it’s not easy.  You want to carefully open up the tree as much as possible yet that takes consistent monitoring and maintenance.  Our clients rely on our knowledge and expertise for tree pruning in Elgin and it’s something that over the years we’ve become really good at.  

For any tree trimming and pruning needs in Elgin, give us a call!

Why Choose Us?

Honestly, we do very good work because we love what we do. We’ve worked around trees for a better part of our lives and we’ve dedicated our entire livelihood to doing it better than any other company in the Elgin area.  We enjoy the sights of a beautifully groomed tree and we appreciate the amount of time and care that is required to turn it into a beautiful, living, breathing, fruitful being. We’ll take care of you and your tree!