Tree Stump Removal and Grinding

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Tree Stump Removal in Elgin

We provide full tree stump removal and grinding service in Elgin and the surrounding suburbs.  When it comes to tree stump removal there are basically two different options to go with, though each option has its own set of pros and cons that come with them.  Stump grinding and removal both have several factors that come into play when determining the price and process for removing a stump, give us a call to discuss your options.

Call us today to talk with one of our arborists about your different options when it comes to removing a stump from the ground.  We can help you determine if a removal or grinding is the better route for your particular circumstance.

Why would you want to remove a tree stump in the first place?

Though a tree stump isn’t going to go anywhere or do anything, that is the reason most people choose to go this route.  Here are some reasons to consider a tree stump removal:

  • They are unsightly - no one enjoys looking out into a large field and seeing stump after stump, especially when it’s right in the middle of a beautifully manicured lawn.  Stumps are hard to keep the grass around them maintained so, with time, you’ll eventually start growing weeds, other plants and even fungal matter around them.
  • They take up a lot of space - most people don’t have acres of lawn space so they try to take advantage of as much space as they can.  Having a stump right in the middle of your lawn takes away from having a social gathering area, pool space, a grilling area or an area for plants and gardens.  Not to mention it’s annoying to constantly mow and trim around.
  • They can be hazardous - most stumps are clearly visible and are obvious that they are there, but some eventually get grass overgrowth and aren’t always so evident.  Not to mention that all it takes is one time to accidentally trip over a stump and sprain an ankle or fall on your wrist. Young children and the elderly are generally at greater risk of this.

If you’re in Elgin or the neighboring suburbs and are in need of stump grinding or removal then give us a call to discuss your options.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a procedure where a large piece of machinery comes and grinds down a tree stump to a level below the layer of soil and grass.  This tool looks like a giant lawn mower with a large chop saw blade that gradually grinds away the stump. This would create an opportunity for you to lay some sand or soil directly above it so that grass or plants can grow.  This is definitely the more economical way to go as it wouldn’t be needed to dig, cut out roots or extract the entire stump and haul it away.

However, there are circumstances where this isn’t an option and a complete removal must be done.  If a structure, such as a house, is going to be erected directly above it or around it then grinding down the stump isn’t enough and a complete extraction must be performed.

Stump Removal

If it’s determined that a full stump removal must be performed then our crew would need to physically dig around the circumference of the stump and completely cut around the root system before the stump can be completely removed.  This option is more labor intensive but it is also more permanent and secure.

We also need to take into consideration the consistency of the soil, the wood hardness, tree location with respect to surrounding structures, and the diameter of the stump which can all complicate the process in their own way.  

Whichever job you choose to go with, our team has the equipment, staff and most importantly the experience to get the job done the right way at the most competitive prices in the Elgin area.  Call us today to discuss your particular needs!