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Tree Pruning Service in Elgin

Tree pruning is the most common form of tree maintenance and although it may seem counterintuitive that you have to maintain trees because those in the wild grow on nothing but mother nature, landscape trees require a higher level of care to keep them in optimal condition - both structurally and aesthetically.  

If you’re looking for tree pruning service in Elgin, our arborists can devise a pruning and maintenance plan to create an environment for optimal growth of your trees.  We have years of experience pruning trees and would not recommend anyone to “test” our procedures since pruning needs to be done with an understanding of tree biology. Implementing flawed strategies can results in lasting damage to the tree or even a shortened life span.  

So Why Should You Prune A Tree?

There are only a few reasons to safely prune a tree, but because each potential cut you make to a tree as the possibility of changing its growth, no branch or limb should be cut without a purposeful reason.  

Some common reasons for pruning branches are to improve form, to remove dead branches, minimize the spread of potential disease, and to reduce risk.  One other important reasons to prune a tree is to increase the amount of light exposure it receives and allow air circulation to both the crown and the landscape below.  

If you find yourself pruning for reasons other than those above, the chances that it will improve the health of the tree are not great.  Get in touch with our arborists to discuss your particular needs and goals.

When Should You Prune Your Trees?

As a general rule of thumb, pruning can be safely done at any time of year when it comes to removing weak, diseased or dead tree limbs but keep in mind that growth and wound closures are maximized if they are safely done right before the spring growth flush.  

There are some tree diseases, like Oak Wilt, that take advantage of pruning wounds.  Pathogens (disease-causing agents) make access to the wounds and can take over a tree in its entirety.  Though this is unlikely, and would occur over time, we greatly avoid pruning trees that are susceptible to diseases during active transmission periods.

What NOT To Do With Trees

The one thing you should NEVER do is to “top” a tree and although it has been shunned in practice for almost 3 decades through seminars and books, it continues to be a procedure that is practiced in the real world.  

Topping is the practice of indiscriminately cutting down tree branches or stubs that are not large enough to assume the terminal role.  This process is also known as “tipping”, “heading”, “hat-racking”, and “rounding over”.

Why Work With Us?

We have years of experience offering tree pruning services in Elgin and the surrounding suburbs and our services are based on tried and true pruning practices.  We are certified arborists who manage and care for trees from infant stages to well into their maturity years. We work very closely with our clients to implement maintenance programs that will ensure their trees grow structurally sound from a young age so that they grow into a very healthy adulthood and yield and abundance of shade, flowers, and tasty fruit.  Contact us today to discuss your particular needs!