Tree Health Inspection & Treatment Services

Trees play an important role in the survival of life on earth. A large mature tree produces enough oxygen for one person. And trees clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and removing dust particles. If it wasn't for trees, your air quality would plummet. Considering what a big role trees play in sustaining life, it makes sense to keep trees healthy.

If you’re concerned about the health of your trees, a tree health inspection is worth considering.

Why is an Inspection Performed?

A tree health inspection is usually recommended in one or both of the following situations:

1. The tree possibly has structural damage. This is often the case if a tree has been struck by lightning or exposed to extreme wind, such as from a tornado.

2. The tree possibly has wood decay. Wood decay makes a tree weak. This can lead to limbs that break easily, and a rotten hollowed-out tree trunk. A weak tree is a threat because it can fall and cause damage.

3. The tree appears in good health, but is overdue for an inspection or has never been inspected. This is a preventative measure to spot problems before they become a major issue.

How is a Tree’s Health Determined?

A tree’s health is determined by performing a close and thorough inspection. Your tree inspector will generally start by examining the soil around the tree. From there, the inspector will examine the area where the tree grows out of the ground. Warning signs in these areas include bark discoloration and fungi. Other signs that a tree is diseased can include a tree being infested with insects or irregularly shaped leaves with dark spots.

There are also less obvious signs a tree is unhealthy. For example, its stems and leaves may start to droop. That’s why it’s important to get an inspection that will pinpoint the problem with your tree.

How Often is an Inspection Necessary?

Ideally, you’ll have your trees inspected every year. A yearly inspection can catch potential problems before they get out of hand. Early detection is the best way to save a tree.

Usually, a person requests an inspection only after a problem becomes obvious. But by then, it’s often too late to save the tree. You can avoid this by having your trees inspected once a year.

However, if once a year isn’t feasible for your budget or schedule, then once every other year is worth considering. The important thing is to keep a watchful eye on the health of your trees.

Trees are an Asset

Trees are more valuable than most people realize. They are a natural source of beauty, and they provide great shade on a sunny day. And trees provide a valuable service by helping clean the atmosphere while providing oxygen.

You and everyone around you - even your pets - benefit from having a healthy tree or two nearby. Even if you decide an annual tree inspection isn’t for you, still pay attention to the trees on your property. Your trees perform an important job. And your job is to make sure your trees are healthy.