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Just like your teeth need daily care and semi-annual teeth cleaning from the dentist, trees are no different, they also need to be routinely cared for and monitored so that their health does not decline drastically.  The best way to deal with a tree that is showing signs of distress is by early detection. Being able to diagnose an issue at early onset is best when trying to remedy the problem and create a treatment plan.

Our staff and arborists have years of training and experience on the proper health of a tree and can guide you in the right direction with a simple visit.  Feel free to give us a call and we can help you with some of the following common conditions:

Emergency Tree Service

Most emergency calls come from bad wind storms or heavy sleet that caused large branches and limbs to crack, split and fall.  When we’re lucky, the limbs fall on property such as miscellaneous goods, bikes or maybe even a car, but when we’re unlucky they can cause major damage to homes and can even kill people.  During these times of emergency, we’ll use all the necessary equipment to break up the tree as best as possible and remove it from the scene of the accident.

If the remainder of the tree is still a hazard or is structurally unsound, there are several options including cables and braces, or worst case scenario, a complete tree removal from the base of the tree trunk.  

Tree Removal and Cutting

This is always the option of last resort, but sometimes it is the most responsible route to take.  When a tree is allowed to grow in a weak state, it will reach a point where structurally it is too off balance for proper growth.  

Sometimes parasitic insects will take over the tree or a bacterial overgrowth will render the tree too weak, meaning that the most responsible thing to do would be to cut it down. Diseased trees are a hazard to other trees because they can easily spread the disease to other trees posing a similar threat of being cut down.  We never like to see a tree being cut down, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do.

Stump Removals

When there is no remaining remedy and the tree has been cut down, the remaining part of the trunk is the stump.  Stumps can not only be unsightly but they really serve no purpose. They pose a hazard to young kids and the elderly, they take up lawn space and they look visually unappealing.  

When a trump is sticking out of the ground a few inches it’s easy for little kids to trip over them and hurt themselves and it’s easy for the elderly to not see them, fall and break a bone.  Many times the stumps are in a front lawn where grass has overgrown around the stump of the tree making it hard to see. This is how the accidents often occur.

They also take up lawn space because it is unusable space.  The only thing that really grows around them are weeds and fungal matter, such as mushrooms.  No one wants that!

So how do you get rid of a stump?  It comes down to the lands eventual use, will you be building on top of it or not?  If not, you can go the more economical way and grind down the stump using a machine that looks like a very oversized lawn mower.  It would literally grind down the stump until it reaches a level below the soil and grass.

The more permanent route is to dig the surrounding area of the tree trunk and cut around the root systems.  Eventually you’ll be free enough to pull the trunk out and dispose of it. This is a more laborious and costly process but you won’t have any issues growing anything where the trunk used to be, or building anything directly above it.

If you reside or work in the Elgin area and are looking for guidance from our tree doctors then give us a call to discuss.  We are here to help answer any of your questions.