Residential and Commercial Tree Service

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Residential and Commercial Tree Service

We have a very healthy mixture of residential and commercial clients and can tailor our work based on your needs, we have the necessary equipment to be able to tackle the very large jobs but we are also nimble enough to also handle the smaller residential projects.  No matter the size of your project, we stay competitive with our pricing and we’ll do whatever we can to earn your business.

From promoting early on tree health, to maintaining an aesthetically appealing tree, to removing a diseased and dying tree, we specialize in every phase of tree life.  Call us now to have one of our tree doctors discuss your particular needs.

Tree pest and disease services

With years of experience under their belt, our tree doctors and surgeons are able to pinpoint tree threats of many varieties.  We have an eye for detecting microbial infections, not only do we have solutions for trees under microbial attack, but we can help you put together a plan so that your other trees don’t become victims of the same microbial matter.  

We even have procedures to deal with nuisance insects such as ticks and other parasitic insects and much larger pests that can also weaken or damage trees, such as deer and other antlered wildlife.

Tree Maintenance

Any good arborist always has tree maintenance in the back of their mind.  We never like to attend to a tree after the fact - when things are at their dire straights and it’s almost too late.  Though many times we are faced with this situation due to natural events.

Tree maintenance is at the core of our services and often times we can implement maintenance programs to avoid inconveniences and potential hazards down the road.  As an example, our services can prevent obstructed driveways, footpaths or roads. We’ve hard small trees that started growing next to a garage, if the tree had not had the proper attention it needed, it would have torn up the garage floor.

Emergency Tree Service and Emergency Prevention

We understand that there is never a good time to have an emergency, you’re never fully prepared for the amount of attention it requires nor the financial resources, but the fact is that emergencies need to be tended to immediately.  We offer emergency tree service and prevention come day or night time, rain or shine, hot or cold.

Because emergency services sometimes require handling live electrical wires, we don’t wait and we’ll postpone other appointments to handle your emergency.  We also do emergency tree removals, branch and limb removals and clean ups.

Cabling and Bracing

When a tree has developed, on purpose or by accident, so that it has unbalanced posture, we can perform a procedure that will attempt to keep the balance in place by bolting cables and braces to the crown head of the tree.  This helps keep the center of gravity closer to the middle of the tree trunk and prevents over sized limbs from “crotching” or having unnecessary weight and pressure from tearing the tree apart.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is something we can do for both our residential and commercial clients and can be handled one of two ways.  We can either grind a stump down to a level below the dirt, soil and grass so that new grass can be grown on top of it. This is a less costly way to attack the issue, however, if a structure is going to be placed on top of the stump then it will need to be completely removed - roots and all.

This process is more involved as we will need to dig around the trunk and remove the root system, however, this is a much more permanent way of dealing with the issue.  We can also haul the stump and roots away for you or sand it down as wood shavings and chips.

Call today for any residential or commercial tree service needs in Elgin or the surrounding suburbs!