Pine Tree Removal Service

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Pine trees and other tree species are planted for decoration, environmental or other purposes but there are instances where you need to remove them. Probably after a hurricane, they have been deformed and leaning towards causing harm, they may have died, a pine tree could be causing damage to the sewer line, or the old oak tree may be destroying the sidewalk, trees can be removed for different reasons. To remove a tree may cost some amount of money, sometimes thousands of dollars, you can also remove trees for free, the costs depend on the tree species and the situations.

Our Full Services

The services we offer are;

  • Tree Consultation Services
  • Tree Trimming And Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding and Stump Removal
  • Cabling And Bracing

Tree Consultation Services;

Our team consists of certified arborists, extensively trained crews with relevant skills and equipment to identify and tackle any tree problems, test your trees, recommend repair measures, and handle any other needed tree services to improve the health of your tree. Our commitment is to enhance the health and conditions of your tree with consideration for you and your property's safety.

Tree trimming and pruning;

The most common recommended procedure for maintaining your tree's health is to frequently trim and prune your trees. Removing dead tree branches helps to reduce health risks and improve tree form.

Tree Removal;

Following an assessment, a tree could be considered a risk to its environment, probably a disease infected tree that is beyond repair, or deformed and may cause harm to properties, the tree needs to be removed.

Stump Grinding And Stump Removal;

Some trees may not necessarily be removed but could be cut into a stump. Also, in the case of continuous root growth of a stump that is causing harm or there's a need for it to be removed, the stump can be removed.

Cable Installation and Bracing;

Many methods can be used to preserve trees, using some support systems to supplement their life and form. These methods include cabling, bracing, popping, and guying.

When should I have my pine tree removed?

After suspected damage to your tree that may or may not cause harm to your life and property, you have the option to chose to restore or remove your tree. You can restore your tree by taking careful management measures, removal involves uprooting your tree and plant another in its stead if you want.

Before you choose to restore your tree, you have to confirm that your tree does not have cracks on its limbs and, or its trunk, it must not have lifted roots nor be exposed out of the soil. If it is affected after a storm, it must have been healthy before the storm for you to consider such a tree for restoration.

Signs that your tree needs to be removed includes one or more of the following;

-A cracked or broken lower trunk and large limbs. If more than one branch that forms a canopy is damaged, you need to remove such tree

- A broken-off large stem from the tree, often results in decay

- Your tree is formed towards a target, it could be leaning towards a building, power line, or any place it could cause harm, this is a sign of broken and unstable roots, it should be removed.

- Large and old trees with a bad structure, like bark inclusions, multiple trunks, etc

Pine trees are more sensitive to strong winds and suffer greatly during a hurricane or a large storm causing them to uproot, snap or lean away heavily. After a hurricane, you need to check for internal damages that you may not see even though the pine is still in form, you have to wait for a period to see if the tree has been damaged because it could take a pine tree 6 months to 2 years before they finally die.

How much does it cost to cut down a pine tree?

Factors like the type of pine tree, the height of the tree, location, type cause of removal, the extent of damage done to the pine tree, stump removal could affect the total costs of cutting a pine tree. The average cost of removal is about 1,377 dollars, you might get to pay as low as 250 dollars but in case your pine tree is about 100ft tall you may be paying up to 5,000 dollars.

Does Anyone Remove Trees For Free?

You might be able to remove your tree without paying any amount if you take the following steps;

-Advertise free wood for anyone that needs it, if they can cut it and move it away by themselves

- Contact the power company to remove trees that may cause serious harm due to its nearness to a power line

- If you have enough trees that can compensate, a logging company removes your trees for free, you can offer it to them and they would remove it for you.