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Maple Tree Removal Service in Elgin

Our team of dedicated experts offering Tree Services located in Elgin, Illinois and specializes in tree cutting and other related services all over Chicago.

Why choose our Maple Tree Removal Service?

Efficient and Reliable

Using our years of experience, we use methods that are proven and tested to be effective and low impact while investing in and using the best tools and equipment necessary.

Prioritized Safety

We take all the needed measures seriously and proactively in order to secure the welfare and safety of our team, the people, homes, and properties around the area.

Fully Insured

There is no need to worry because All Seasons Tree Removal Services is fully licensed and insured. In the case of unforeseeable accidents, we are protected by standard coverage.













What we Offer

Tree Removal

Dead, infected, and damaged trees need to be taken out to ensure the safety of the dwellers around the property. If not removed, the trees gradually weaken which may result in it falling and causing damage and harm to people, vehicles, houses, and structures near the area.

Our team is professionally trained for efficiency and safety. Upon arriving, what we do is assess the tree’s structure and take note of the obstacles around to determine the best way of removal and the equipment needed.

We also provide removal services for troublesome trees that are blocking or in the way of renovation and landscaping.


Stump Grinding

During stump grinding, we use a grinder to grind and shave the trunk into smaller pieces according to your desired height.

We will assess the tree and give you an estimate on how deep the stump is, as some trees are shallower thank others. After the stump grinding process, it will leave sawdust which you can opt to use to cover the hole left on the stump that was ground, or for other uses such as composting or gardening.


Stump Removal

Tree stumps can take up space in your lawn and can grow roots that can damage your home and water pipes. It can also be a safety hazard especially for your children playing outside, be a home to pests such as termites and beetles that will probably also damage other healthy plants around it, or grow fungi.

During stump removal, the stump itself and the roots are completely extracted and the process is intensive. Many lawns have been unfortunately ruined due to inaccurate and harsh removal. In removing a stump, we take the aesthetic of your yard into consideration. By using the right knowledge and technique, our team will get the job done with little damage.


Trimming and Pruning

Our experienced arborists are skilled in the proper timing and methods in trimming and pruning shrubs and trees. This will surely result in reduced hazards, improved plant health, and also enhanced the visual aspect of your lawn.


Tree Planting and Care

Our team greatly recognizes the importance of trees and the vast benefits they bring to the world we live in. We provide tree planting services that will give you suggestions on the best trees to plant for the general-purpose you want them, the area they will grow in, and the benefits they will give.

We need to keep our trees healthy and nourished. For trees that are damaged, infected, and showing signs of disease, our team does its best in determining the needs of your plants and create plans in order for you to be able to give them the best nutrition needed for optimal health.


Storm Damage Recovery and Clean Up

Damages due to a storm can be very serious and may result in a wreck. Our team will be there to remove and reduce the potential hazards around your property and carefully check other potential risks. After the assessment, we will trim, cut, and remove the weakened or fallen branches or trees in the area.


Emergency Tree Removal

Trees can fall at an unexpected time due to different reasons and may cause a lot of damage and harm to the surrounding area. Our team is available to be dispatched 24/7 for emergency tree removal and will be there to assist in safely removing trees, limbs, and branches using our technical expertise to lessen and prevent further damage.

If you would like to know more about our services, have further inquiries, or want a FREE comprehensive quote and consultations, do not hesitate to contact us here. Our team at Maple Tree Removal Services would be glad to assist you.