How do you get rid of blackbirds roosting in trees?

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One or two blackbirds roosting on top of trees can be a bit charming for some people, but most would definitely be annoyed with their presence. Also, letting one blackbird stay may also result in them bringing a couple of friends and before you know it, your poor tree has become the new meeting place of the (now) annoying and noisy birds.

Making blackbirds leave your tree alone would probably take a bit of work, but hopefully getting rid of them for good is definitely possible.

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918

Before we start our journey of getting rid of blackbirds, it is important to know that they are protected by the act that makes the hunting, selling, and killing of migratory birds unlawful. If the birds are damaging your property and causing havoc, it is allowed to use humane ways of getting rid of them without causing them harm or inflicting pain.

When blackbirds are causing damage to your tree and your home, you would not need to secure a permit to start taking the necessary action to get them out of your lawn.






Best ways to make blackbirds go away

There are many different methods of chasing away blackbirds. Depending on your situation, some may be more effective than others. There are short-term solutions that are easy to do and there are also long-term solutions that will require a bit more resources and effort to be successful.

Proven short term methods

If there are only a few blackbirds on your tree, short term methods may be enough to deal with them. These tactics may not get rid of blackbirds for good, but at least they can keep your trees safe until you find a better solution.

Get banging

Are blackbirds annoying you? Annoy them back by whistling, clapping your hands, and setting your pans and clanging them loudly when the birds are around to frighten them. You can also use high-frequency music that will surely agitate them.

Using decoys

Do you have a scary Halloween display uselessly lying around your home? Put them to good use by putting some on your trees, roof, and around your lawn. If you find ones that have big eyes or look like owls and snakes, hang them around your place as they will surely spook the birds.

Placing shiny things

Make use of your old CDs and other shiny paraphernalia by placing them on your tree or around your lawn. Birds are actually annoyed and scared by shiny stuff as they think that they might be from weapons. Shiny things also reflect light that can function as a bird deterrent.

Proven long term methods

If the short-term methods are not working and the blackbirds roosting on your tree are a lot smarter than you initially expected, it is now time to make use of the long term solutions.



Using advanced decoys

Yes, we already talked about decoys earlier, but blackbirds can get used to the ones you placed to the point that they will not be scared anymore. This is when it’s time to bring out the big guns: there are advanced decoys that are more effective in getting rid of birds. These toys move, whirl, and make some sounds.

Removing bird feeders and water sources

One of the reasons why blackbirds are roosting on your tree is because of your feeders and water source. If they are the only ones eating your feed, it may be time to remove them or to change them into special feeders that only birds of a certain kind can eat.

Covering your tree with nets

Protect your tree and prevent it from being used as blackbird headquarters by using bird netting as covering. This method works best especially if your tree is fruit-bearing.

Preventing blackbirds from roosting on your tree

When you have already gotten rid of blackbirds, make sure to keep them away by doing the following.

Cover your trash properly

Your trash can be the food source of various pests and blackbirds. Cover them properly so that they will not attract animals.

Clean your yard regularly

Many blackbirds like staying in dirty environments. When you have food lying around, it can be very attractive for animals to hunt in. Clean your yard and get rid of places where they can stay and roost.

Prune your trees consistently

When your tree has a lot of dead and broken branches, it can be the main reason why it is being used as a roosting place. Prune your trees regularly and remove unnecessary branches to eliminate the places where blackbirds can perch.