Evergreen Tree Trimming Service in Elgin

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Our arborists are here to take care of your tree trimming needs and other related services, such as tree removal and tree planting.

We are a small team with a varied range of expertise that has served together for many years. We treat each other as family and strive to do the same with our customers. As a result of our honest dedication, we have received a great amount of positive feedback from our happy and satisfied customers in Elgin and in the nearby areas. We are a proud business that has rightfully and gratefully earned the trust of northern Illinois and we’ve accomplished that through transparency, honesty and trustworthy workmanship.  We strive to give you the same experience.

What services we do

We are experts offering varied tree services in Elgin, Illinois, and we will always be happy to do as you wish while providing guidance.

1. Does your tree need trimming? We will do it for you.

Our group is well-known for its efficient way of trimming our customers’ trees. We always make sure that we trim your trees in the best way to encourage healthier plant growth. 

How do you know you need to get your tree trimmed? If you notice that your tree appears to be weak and may show signs of disease, other greens are growing in it, or you want to make your tree look better. 

2. Do you need your tree stump ground? We are there. 

If you had a tree removed but its stump is still there, you and your neighbors may be annoyed with the sight of it. You may be also worried about the potential risks it may have if you just let it be. 

To remove the tree stump, we will be using the tools that are necessary depending on the depth of the stump and how long the roots are. This process can be extensive but you don’t need to be so concerned as we have been trained to remove these pesky trunks that may eventually be home to various wood-boring insects and fungi.

3. Do you need your trees to be pruned? Our shears are already sharpened.

Our team is equipped to remove the unnecessary roots and branches on your evergreen tree. While tree trimming is somewhat focused on the tree’s health, the art of pruning incorporates plant maintenance and aesthetics into consideration. 

To reduce the potential risks a tree may exhibit especially during extreme weather conditions, it is highly suggested to have them pruned regularly. Most people have their trees pruned during dormant seasons in order to lessen the chances of the tree being infected especially when using unsanitary tools which are common when they do the pruning themselves. 

 4. Do you need to have a tree removed? Our gear is ready to move.

If there is an evergreen that you need to have removed due to a number of reasons such as it may be a safety risk in the neighborhood, can cause accidents, may damage buildings, roads, and infrastructures, or you just want it gone, our team will safely do it for you.

Tree removal is not an easy task and will require extensive amounts of knowledge and research to be sure it is done properly. There are also a variety of tools that are better suited for the removal of a particular species of tree. For your convenience and safety, our crew will get it done. 

Why choose our company?

We offer free quotes

Our friendly crew would be happy to give free quotes and advice so that you will know exactly what you are getting from our services.

We are experienced

Our team has been working together for many years and is skilled in many areas related to tree care and removal.

We offer affordable prices

Our prices will depend on how extensive is the work that needs to be done, and they will always be reasonable.









We offer a wide variety of services

Because our team is made up of highly efficient experts, we will always be confident to offer a wide range of services such as tree trimming, removal, pruning, and trunk grinding.

We are insured

We always treat our crew and customers as a family. As such, we make sure that we are a fully licensed and fully insured company. We are highly aware of the liabilities and dangers that can possibly happen, and we are equipped and ready for it. 

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