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Carpentersville is a wonderful village located in Kane County, Illinois. With so many stores to shop, restaurants to eat, and coffee shops to relax in, it is certainly a place that has earned the hearts of its residents. Though many people say it is such a small town, there are so many new attractions that even locals have not visited yet. 

If you are a resident of the village, there will always be a spot that you will be delighted to discover in Carpentersville. 

Carpentersville’s History and Location

Carpentersville got its name from its founder and very first citizen, Julius Angelo Carpenter who came with his family and lived near the Fox River. He was given the credit for building the first factory, bridge, and store in the area. When the interurban railroad was finally owned by the Aurora, Elgin, and Fox River Electric Company in the 1920s, it opened the path for the villagers to travel and work in Elgin more conveniently and has made the other Elgin workers visit the Carpentersville area until the time of automobile and buses came in the later years.

The small town is very diverse in culture and the locals strive hard to protect and preserve its history through art and other mediums. With the 35th spot in the Most Diverse Places to Live in Illinois, the village is predominantly White and Hispanic or Latino. 

Fun Places to be in and near Carpentersville






1. GAT Guns

If you are looking for a fun place to be with friends and co-workers, visit GAT Guns and have a go with their gun shooting range. They have a Rifle Range which consists of a 50 yard range with 7 lanes or a 75 yard range with 7 lanes, and a Pistol Range with 25 yards and 8 lanes, which is free on your birthday! If you want to learn while having fun, they have training available for beginners, advanced, youth, and a for women’s classes.


2. Classic Cinemas Cinema 12 Theatre

If you are looking to have fun with a low budget, visit the Classic Cinemas Cinema 12 Theatre and get to watch great movies at an affordable price. If you want to have a snack, you can buy their popcorns and other bites that would not break the bank when compared with other bigger theaters. Though many people say Cinema 12 does not look that much on the outside, just try watching a film and you will truly appreciate the clean environment and comfy seats.

3. Liberty Lanes

When you want to bowl but are on a restricted budget, go to the local Liberty Lanes and get some beer! The place is nice for passing time and would certainly not break your budget. Locals often go here to watch games on their TV, and they also have a jukebox and dartboards for a good, old-fashioned, fun.

4. Raceway Woods

If you want a therapeutic location with fresh air, visit Raceway woods and do a peaceful stroll. Make sure to apply sunscreen and bring your camera!

Carpentersville’s Population and Demographics

According to the census gathered by numerous surveys, Carpentersville has a total population of 38,138. 19,321 of those numbers are male residents while 18,817 are female, with a median age of 31 years old.


The area is mostly comprised of white-collar workers who are almost 69% of the population, and the remaining 31% percent are blue-collared workers. Out of the employees, 82% are working for private companies, 5% are in non-profit companies, 5% are self-employed, and 8% are government workers. This information is influenced mainly due to the fact that there are a lot of newly established shops and stores in the area which is where many people work to earn a living.

Education and Income

As for education, almost 5% of the population living in Carpentersville has earned their Bachelor’s Degree, almost 46% reached High School education, and almost 22% has been to College.

The average income earned for households is around $70,000 every year which is what is mostly earned by residents over 40 years of age up to the middle of their 60s.

Marital Status and Household

There is a huge population of residents who are married that is taking up more than half of the residents, while locals who were never married are 37%, divorced are almost 8%, widowed are almost 4%, and separated are almost 2% of the total population.

There are a total of 10,824 households in Carpentersville with an average of 4 people in each household. Almost 78% of those are families while the remaining 22% are not related. Out of the 10,824, 5,617 households have children.

Transportation and Housing

Many people in Carpentersville usually cycle or walk around to do some shopping when going to nearby places. To go to father places, the main transportation for most people is by car, next is by railroad. The rest prefer to travel using the taxicab or bus instead.

There are 11,195 housing units in Carpentersville at the time of the census, and around 8,000 of those homes were built in the year 1989 or earlier, and more than 3000 were built between 2000 to the later years. A huge portion of the home units is owner occupied which is 70% of the total residential areas, while the remaining 30% are what is occupied by the renters.

Carpentersville Tree Removal Service





Trees have so many benefits it gives to humans. It can clean our air, make our environment feel more warm when it is wintertime, and can be our relief during the summertime. However, when you have a dead tree or stump that is on your lawn, it can be an eyesore. A tree that is unwanted or is blocking a path can be quite annoying as well.

In these cases, the only thing you need to do is to have the tree or stump removed. Obviously, most of us would want to do the removal ourselves in order to save money, however, the process of tree removal can be difficult and dangerous.

To make sure that you are removing your tree or stump properly, you can hire an expert to do it. Not only will the damages to your lawn and property be minimal, but you will avoid getting yourself and others injured. If you need to have a tree removed correctly, give us a call.

Who We Are

We are the licensed “tree doctors” that do tree removal services in Carpentersville, Illinois, and nearby areas. We make sure that your tree or stump is removed properly with minimal or no damage at all. As most folks do not know, tree removal can often be hard on your property. Our crew always uses the best and well-maintained equipment to make the tree and stump removal process as easy as possible.

Services We Offer

Tree Removal

Tree Trunk Removal

Stump Removal

Emergency Tree Removal

Have your tree removed properly and efficiently

Finding a reliable company to perform tree removal services in Carpentersville, Kane County Illinois should not be difficult.  Hop on a call with our crew right now and tell us what you need and schedule a visit.