Cabling and Bracing Tree Service

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Cabling and Bracing Tree Service

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We are your experts when it comes to properly securing the structural integrity of your trees, we have the professional experience to diagnose and treat trees that have a compromised structure to them.  One solution that is commonly used is cable and brace rods that act as supplemental supports to reduce the risk of failure to weak, dead, or dying tree limbs and splitting trunks.

These cables generally consist of extra high strength tensile steel which are attached to several bolts at the crown of your tree.  Because these limbs are already in a weak state, the bolts and cables are intended to reduce any kind of movement during times of rough weather such as high winds, heavy rain or sleet that will weight down a tree branch.  It’s an effective method and a practice we have been implementing for many years.

Here are a few things to know about cabling and bracing trees:

  • Some trees grow healthy while others grow with a condition called “V Crotches”.  Just as the name implies, the trunk of the tree grows in a “V” shape and poses a threat to the structural integrity of the tree.  If the weight becomes to heavy on one side of the tree, the trunk starts “ripping” apart and eventually a large limb can fall.

This is why it’s so important to incorporate a pruning regimen to your tree as it helps to create a strong structure to grow from.

  • The structure and balance of a tree is highly intertwined with the actions of the other parts of the tree.  If a major tree limb falls or breaks off, most likely you’ll see the entire balance of the tree thrown off. The branches work in tandem with each other to give strength, balance and harmony to the tree as a whole.

When the structure of the tree is no longer in balance, a cabling and bracing system can restore balance and can prolong the life of a healthy tree and can prevent other branches and large limbs from further disrupting the balance of a tree.

  • Protects property from damage - as obvious as it may sound, a tree with poor structural balance is a real hazard to surrounding property (homes, garages, autos, etc) and the general public.  To the trained eye, a weak tree needs to be acted on immediately, but to an untrained eye, sometimes you may not know exactly what to look for.

If you see signs of V Crotches or signs of a weak, unhealthy limb(s) then you should discuss cabling and bracing as a real solution to keeping your tree in balance while keeping the surround area safe.  It goes without saying that the transitional seasons such as spring and fall are more dangerous because the weather is more unpredictable.

  • Any successful cabling and bracing system will require ongoing maintenance which typically occurs semi-annually to make sure that the system is performing according to plan.  Our arborists are trained to know if a tree is poised to grow properly or dysfunctionally, but we can also make any necessary adjustments along the way.

Although cabling and bracing can be a very successful treatment option, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every circumstance.  Just like anything else in life, the entire picture has to be thoroughly analyzed to reach a decision on the proper course of action. Some trees are simply to old and weak for this particular procedure to be effective and other times there are better suited options to consider when dealing with different circumstances.  This is when it’s best to consult with our arborists to find a solution that is right for you and your tree.

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