Blue Spruce Pruning and Removal

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Blue spruce, likewise called Colorado spruce, is a conical-shaped evergreen tree with thick horizontal branches and small stiff needles. Its natural range stretches from Alberta and British Columbia, Utah to Wyoming, and northern New Mexico through Colorado. It is a predominantly used tree in Midwest landscapes. The blue spruce has blue-green colored needles and is a coniferous tree.

Landscape plants generally grow slowly to 30 - 60ft tall and 10 - 20ft wide - though, can still get fuller. The stiff, pointed needles range in color from blue-green to gray-green and are spread around the stem. Needles are four-sided, with six stomatal lines on each side. 

Dwarf kinds of blue spruce are also available that stretch solely between 5 - 15ft tall and are suitable for terraces, patios, and small gardens.

Blue Spruce Pruning






The blue spruce tree's moderate growth makes it highly sensitive to heavy pruning. To encourage a positive outcome, the blue spruce should have enough time to fix itself before entering its latent stage.  Without exception, complete this tree's pruning during the early spring or late winter months, shortly before the onset of its growing period. Refrain pruning in late summer into the fall because this might expedite new growth that will not be able to endure the cold winter.

Advantage of Pruning

To beautify your garden - Pruning changes the appearance of a tree. You're giving your tree an entirely new look by removing parts of the tree that are thriving faster than others or cutting off dead branches. Good grooming is helpful to trees as it improves the shape of the tree. This is particularly vital for trees that you've planted for the single goal of adding beauty.

To support growth - That spruce tree in your lawn will be able to endure severe weather better after it has been pruned. When a licensed tree service applies the correct technique, tree pruning can make the roots stronger, which eventually signifies that the tree is more robust and can better endure a storm. Furthermore, pruning can help the new limbs to grow.

To get rid of dangerous branches - This is the most dominant reason to hire an expert to prune your tree. The dead branches drop quite easily during strong winds or a harsh storm.  These branches may fall even when weather conditions are optimal. Other dangerous branches include growing toward power lines and ones hanging atop the roof of your home.

To treat infection - Trees may contract a disease, much like humans. The disease may be treated and stopped from spreading via pruning. Hence, pruning not just prevents disease but also aids in treating it.

When you ask for a company to prune your trees, seek one that strictly follows pruning guidelines established by the specialists in the tree industry. This will provide you with an added resolution that your tree is pruned carefully, and your tree or home will not be burdened from more  damage.

Blue Spruce Removal

Spruce tree removal is easier than removing a maple tree or cottonwood.  Spruce trees may need to be removed, though it is seldom a technical removal of a hazard tree.  A dying spruce tree will decline and start to deteriorate from the top down. Unfortunately, most early deaths of spruce are because of lack of water. There may be other signs after that; however, eventually, spruce that doesn’t get adequate water throughout the year will decay and prompt a removal event to happen.

Tree removal may seem easy on the surface; however, the fact is it is among the most critical jobs there is. The project is too dangerous to be executed by an ordinary homeowner. Removing a tree needs expertise and skill. You merely cannot cut just some branch because there is a correct technique to do it. The job is complex; as a result, a professional is required to do the task.

Benefits of hiring a tree removal service: 

  • Lessen damage to your house, garage, and other property 
  • Keep garden safe from falling debris 
  • Prevent trees from falling branches, fruit, or needles into pools, or other public areas

In regards to the rate of a tree removal service, the cost depends on two factors, which are the species and size of the tree. The location of the tree is likewise something we consider when calculating the entire cost. It commonly needs as much effort when a tree is planted in a difficult to access space. It signifies we have to thoroughly plan and perform the process to guarantee we do it cautiously. If this is the condition, it can inflate the entire cost of tree removal.

So, if you are decided to have that dangerous tree removed, or just prune your blue spruce, contact us, and we will help you make it possible adeptly.