24/7 Emergency Tree Removal

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24/7 Emergency Tree Removal in Elgin

We provide 24/7 tree service and removals in Elgin, call us now for immediate service.  The immediate minutes and hours after a bad thunder storm, tornado, or even ice storm are when our team is on highest alert.  We understand that emergencies are never planned and that they always require priority attention, if we are called in for an emergency tree removal and extraction we’ll put all else aside to refocus our attention on the emergency at hand.  

In our years of industry experience we have nearly seen it all, we’ve assisted with tree damaged properties due to tornadoes, hail, heavy wind and heavy ice storms, from uprooted trees to large fallen limbs, when trees are down they are dangerous and hazardous and we understand that they require immediate attention.  

When you’re in need of an emergency tree removal service, you can count on us!  Our team is specifically trained on how to contain an area and prevent any further damage from continuing to occur.

How to Prevent The Need For Emergency Tree Service

Although you cannot prevent all tree related emergencies from occurring, typically the best way to spot an emergency beforehand is to always keep on the lookout for trees that are in transition phase from almost-dead to dead.  

These are the ones that are most vulnerable and dangerous, especially during the changes in season when winds are high and the likelihood of a heavy storm is greatest. Ones that are closest to homes and cars should be removed first as they pose a threat to someone's life and belongings.

How to Spot a Dying Tree

Obviously you have no control over a bolt of lighting hitting your tree and causing it to fall on your house, but let’s assume that the situation isn’t as dramatic and that your tree has slowly been dying over the course of several years, what are the signs to look for when diagnosing a dead tree? After all, you’re not an arborist and you have no idea what to look for, here are some signs that will give it away.  If you’re ever unsure then you’re best to call us to investigate:

Here’s a quick litmus test - if you take something sharp, such as a knife or razor blade, and scratch into one of the trees branches and the inside is moist and green then the tree is alive, but if the branch is dry and brittle then you’ll have to dig a bit deeper

  1. Perform the same test on other branches to see if you get the same results
  2. Check for mushrooms or other fungal growth at the tree base - mushrooms typically grow on dead wood or other matter that is rotting.  Seeing them at the base of the tree is a clear sign that something is wrong
  3. Look at the trunk, specifically you’re looking for peeling bark, cracks or splits
  4. Look up into the canopy, do you see any deformed or missing leaves?
  5. Check the surrounding trees and compare them, does yours look different than all the others?  Does yours look really sad, or ill? If so, call an arborist to investigate, they may need to remove the tree to avoid any potential threats of bodily injury or property damage.

If you are facing any kind of emergency tree service needs in Elgin, give us a call right away.  We have the equipment and staff to get the job done right away, if physical damage has ocurred then we work to remove any remnants of a tree and it’s debris so a contractor can come in and work on getting your home completely restored.